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As researchers, we are passionate about scientific excellence because what we do today may improve the lives of people tomorrow. We work to transform scientific knowledge and medical advances into cutting-edge therapies to improve people’s lives worldwide. Discovering solutions for the world’s most pressing medical needs is our top priority.

Our R&D community is made up of scientists, physicians, technicians, product and manufacturing engineers and world-class innovators, all of whom contribute to our scientific leadership. Our goal is breakthrough innovation that can transform, extend and potentially save lives.

As people live longer, chronic conditions are on the rise. New viruses and diseases are emerging, while old enemies like cancer and neurodegenerative diseases remain. Halberd is driven by the scope of these health challenges.


We are in a new era of medicine where breakthrough science is transforming care and our approach to treating patients. Robust investment in research and development (R&D) by biopharmaceutical sector is resulting in advances and discoveries unlike anything we’ve seen before.

R&D department in plant is designed to meet the changing requirements of the medical community. R&D department has provided various Pharmaceutical dosage forms to satisfy used needs. Drug formulation undergoes various phase like trial production,In-Vitro and In-Vivo testing,stability, bio availability and bioequivalence.

The R & D Department has the requisite human resource and laboratory facility to design and improve our products. The testing methods are regularly validated.


The Marketing R & D integration with other department is a critical factor for the developments of new strategies to effectively launch and market products. Marketing R&D Department facilities evolution and implementation of marketing strategies.

Inspiring Lives Worldwide

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